take a sample of loneliness

“Dead Again

I keep Pain
I don’t have a place to go
inside my heart
I keep the Pain
Inside my heart
Every story, I’ve lived
places in my heart
places me out...
places me out...

There is no U for me
even if only I am for you
even if I’m only to you

Nothing, will get along

nothing, for me
will get me through
I’ve born from sadness
and here I shaw remain.”

-You can’t give me what I need
even if that is all you got
I'm alone
I’m as alone as ever been
and love...
only get me to write.

all you can do is all I’m doing
are not enough

and happiness can’t be made
not right now
happiness is lost in the hands
of someone else
far, far away,
in that place I will never get.

Some day you’ll be gone
as that feeling
and here they call some day

“My Lady Dress Black
A Man dieing is on the streets
if no one knows is ‘cause he is on the streets
he, dieing, is just a man
walking his path through out home
learning how lonely can be
So many could care and be there
beside, so many promised
so many days will run along
before him, until he meets
The Lady In Black;
will never give up and will then
find company
at the arms of the one
that takes everyone, and still
is the loneliest of all
poet actor or being
She’s always been.”

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